Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Latest Thoughts

After reading a book about people who made positive contributions in the past, not only to the UK but to the whole world. I then thought about the women and men who are prominent in our society today.
Where are the women and men of intelligence and integrity? They are certainly not in parliament. Is that because they are too wise to get involved in a system which is not only corrupt but dangerous and harmful to the majority of citizens?
 We are bombarded with news and images which show a bankrupt culture which is depressing. I see and hear nothing which is uplifting or enlightening. It is so depressing watching audiences screaming and applauding  "talent".

Monday, December 4, 2017

Dimanche le 3 Decembre

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Hier je suis allée avec une amie à Moncontour  pour  danser. C'était un Fez Nos pour  le Téléthon. Moncontour est  une ville spécial. Nous avons dansé dans une salle  avec une belle vue qui don sur  tous les toits de Moncontour incluant l'église et plus loin le paysage.

Image result for Images of Moncontour
Il y a une table plein des gateaux, crepes et boisson étaient délicieuses. En plus nous avons appris a  nouveau danse. C'était une superbe dimanche après midi.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


I have a saying on my kitchen wall which reads-
 "Inaction has consequences too."
 How true. I have just been reading older posts which imply that I am going to do so many new activities and lists lots of ideas. I am afraid that very little has changed. I continue to spend most of my time in the garden although it is getting more difficult each day. 
I have installed a sports programme on the TV which means that I can watch all the tennis.
 But recently I did have yet another new idea. I hope to make this one work.
I intend to write on this blog in French occasionally. I do work every day on my French but this will  add a new dimension to my learning. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Update on funerals

As my son pointed out to me I said that funerals are for the living so I had a rethink. Forget the Barn Dance and the Fez Noz but please buy trees.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Letter to Family and Friends

Letter to Family and Friends April 24 2017

Last Saturday I went to a funeral. I have been to many funerals here in France and of course in England. All of them of a similar pattern. As I sat there in a full room of silent mourners I wondered what my own funeral would be like.
Years ago I realised that funerals are for the living. But I don’t want people sitting in silence listening to people drone on about how sad it all is and how they are going to miss me  when they haven’t seen me for years.  Everybody dies. Fact. Death is a part of life.
So if anyone is interested this is what I propose when I die.
  1. No funeral service.
  2. My coffin should go straight to the crematorium.
  3. I would like everyone who knew me, family and friends to plant a tree. Something that has blossom or an evergreen would be nice. If you don’t have room in your garden plant one in a local park or wood.
  4. I would like someone in England to organise a Barn Dance in Kidsgrove Town Hall in aid of Douglas Macmillan.
  5. I would like someone in Brittany to organise a Fez Noz / or Fez Diez in the Salle de Fete in Merillac in aid of the League de Cancer.
Some of this may cost and for this I have opened an account called  Freda’s Final Fling Fund.
I know that the rules in France about scattering ashes are quite complicated but if possible I would like mine to be scattered in the wood in my garden.
At the time of writing I do not suffer from (as far as I know) anything terminal (except life itself which is).
Of course this is what I would like and as I said before funerals are for the living.
Now I have to get this translated into French. Any offers?

Monday, April 24, 2017

New Ideas

My other blog is called Living and gardening in Brittany but seems to be mostly about gardening. since I don't write in the old way or even read very much I have decided to write about life here on this blog.
   The next village Ereac always has a very artistic display in front of the church. It changes with the seasons.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


I suppose I should keep this blog going even though I am not writing. I am not even reading very much.
A new group has been set up; A book club. I would have been delighted when I was in reading mode but as all members are English and they are reading English novels it's not for me.
It did inspire me to read my old diaries which reminded me that I used to not only record all the books I read but also to record my thoughts about the books.
  The group also reminded me that groups can be very complicated. They can even be a mine field of difficulties; perhpas i will find time to write an article about groups; I may search the internet to find a book about groups.